For over 130 years, Tindell’s Building Materials has been providing building materials to homebuilders. Our log home division has been helping people build log homes in the foothills of the Great Smokey Mountains and the Cumberland Mountains for over 30 years.

Trust Tindell’s and our licensed contractors to fulfill your dream of living in a beautiful custom log home through innovative design, unsurpassed material excellence and the highest in quality workmanship. We are committed to providing the best in log home products and service to you through innovation, efficiency, and integrity.

6x8 Field Log Home


This cabin is an example of our 6x8 Field log.

The Field log has a large shiplap incorporated into the log that eliminates water and air infiltration. When you use our weather-strip along with this log, you will have the most air tight log in the industry.

6x8 D-Log Home


This log home is an example of our 6x8 D-log insulated log home. It looks like true log, but is lower cost with no checking and splitting of the logs. It also has fewer settling issues and overall lower labor cost.

This home is also a fine example of Tindell's white cedar railing which is used for the porch and deck railings.

7 Bedroom Log Lodge


This beautiful lodge was built using our Tindell's Pride Premium log siding inside and out.

It is an outstanding example of building with Tindell's white cedar railing. We use this railing on almost all of our log homes.